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Maytag centennial top load washer fills with water when the spin cycle is ending

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I have a maytag centennial washer that fills with water towards the end of the spin cycle roughly about 25 secs b4 it ends and leaves water in the clothes at the end of the cycle as if its going to extra rinse. Although the extra rinse is turned off, just to make sure if extra rinse switch wasn't causing the problem I unplugged it but still same problem. Somebody told me it could be the bad timer I replaced it but still the same problem exists. I would really appreciate any professional help on the problem.


Model number please.

If it's a direct drive, it might be the ATC switch. But will need the model number to be sure.

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  Bad water level/temp controller. High failure item. Complain to Whirlpool.


I had a couple where I disconnected,then reconnected the ATC and they are still working.
In any event it is the ATC.


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