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ge ref mod pfss2m1xass


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Ice maker works for 2 or 3 dumps then all ice melts together in 1 clump.Also frost appears on some food. Check seals all seam good.Cubes seem to be right size before melting together.Have chg ice maker previously,to no chg.No heavy frost on evap.Any ideas????

Check that both condenser and evaporator fans are working. Are other items in freezer frozen solid? If you find that ice cream in freezer is good and firm, then I would think issue is with icemaker. If other items are defrosting then issue could be sensor or board. I noticed this is not the standard wr55x10942 board.

Or the defrost thermostat is shorted and heating things up too much before refreezing....

All Brand:
Hey guys just to let you know it was the mother board causing the problem. No real signs of failure few hot spots ?.Replace a week ago alls well. thxs again Dave

Thanks for the update.


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