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So I got a call for a GE dishwasher (GSD3230Z01WW) so I went checked it out, it wasn't letting in water, I tought it was a bad water valve but it wasn't. I changed the timer and it let water in fine. The next day I got a call saying it wast working again( same problem) so I went out and replaced the timer again and it still didnt let water in. The only thing I can think of is a bad terminal block but they don't sell a terminal block put together only the terminal housing and no one has the entire wiring harness. At this point I've maybe broke even on the job. I'm appealing to you guys for help. I know with those timers it's hard to tell what point the water will come in. Dies anyone have a diagram showing that I heard two minutes but I'm not sure. HELP!!!

Rick, check your float switch. I wouldn't think that it would be the timer. Could be intermittent continuity on inlet solenoid. I've seen it it before.

Sometimes on the G.E dishwasher were the wires all run together. After you take front panel off there could be a broken wire there which is caused by opening  and closing door through years.There are about 5 or6 wires running under tub and back up to timer.Its will be at the bottom were the wires would be flexing back and fourth when opening door. And make sure there is a solid click to the flood switch.Look at the Float dome #WR12x445 and take that screw out to see if #WD12x335 float stem moving up and down and clicking the flood switch #WD21x479.Broken wire were door opening and closing very common on that style G.E.Good luck.

And what harold said too.Very common on all dishwashers.

This is not a time fll machine.
It is volume fill through the float switch.
A bad(sticking) float switch will cause this problem.
You can advance the timer just past the pump out setting and the water valve will be energized.
Use your meter on the water valve terminals to check for power.
If you get voltage and no water you have a bad water valve.
If you get no power,check for continuity of power through the float switch.


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