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Output voltage for LG WM1832CW??

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The 8.8 is the one that caught my attention. My 'rule of thumb' is anything over 10%. The LG info I was looking at doesn't list a plus or minus, but I assumed that the 9.8 k ohms was within workability....

Ok... Well i guess it wouldnt hurt to buy a new sensor and try it out for the small cost. Does the 160 VDC motor voltage output sound about right according to your experience??

Rated for up to 310 vdc..... But I see nothing on a voltage check, only an ohms check and your listed ohms are within the range. All they say about a 'range' on the hall sensor is that they are not exact....

Replace hall sensor if unit was built prior to 2008. O0

Ok... The unit is definAtely before 2008. I've already ordered the part and will get back to you if it works. I hope you guys are right on this one after reading my whole diagnosis!!! That would be awesome : )

Just can't afford a new machine right now!!


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