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Output voltage for LG WM1832CW??

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<<<Motor will not turn the tub at all and gives me the LE error code>>>




Newer Hall Effect Sensors (2008 & up) have been re-designed and will likely never fail again.

Well... Thanks for the advice guys!! But, unfortunately, replacing the Hall effect sensor did nothing. The motor output must be fried on the board or something I guess??? It's a shame, because everything else on the machine is brand new but LG "conveniently" do not make the PWB board for this unit anymore. Pretty sad to think something is not serviceable after 6-8 years. Just sickens me...

Did a small test after installing the Hall effect sensor to make sure the pulsing 10vdc was getting back to the board and it is, still no motor turn at all and LE error of course. Motor output must be fried?!

If the part is NLA, call LG direct, they usually have some sort of a solution.  I can't add the part to an order from LG, it's worth a call to LG Canada. You could get lucky as long as you didn't buy it in the states and take it across the border.

Yeh, LG is a garbage company... Sorry for saying for any of you LG service techs out there. They tell me they are legally obligated to manufacture replacement parts for 10 years after the model has being manufactured. Mine was manufactured 8 years ago... Discontinued part???

Im Not a math genius but I'm pretty sure those numbers don't add up... Ask to speak with a supervisor and I keep getting hung up on. For anyone that reads this thread, know that LG is a lying, dishonest company and apparently feel that a machine is no longer worth making parts for after 10 year, let alone in my case 8 years!!! Of which tells me that they have no care for landfill waste or serviceability after your machine is 10years old. That is downright unacceptable...

I would suggest going with Miele, GE or Bosch... All these companies I've had great success with, parts, service and honour fro some of my other appliances...

LG is garbage and if you go to this service scoreboard, you will see how bad their rating is

Thanks a lot for your help on the forum though!!! Much appreciated!!

POO Aubrey, I am sorry. 98% of LE errors prior to 2008, are due to a failed hall effect sensor. >:( >:(


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