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Output voltage for LG WM1832CW??

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Hey guys!! Did extensive research online and here on this forum and could not find yhe information i need!!

Here is my situation... Motor will not turn the tub at all and gives me the LE error code
My machine is an LG WM1832CW

OhmMeter readings from the main board connector to eliminate harness open condition testing the hall effect sensor:
Pin 1 to pin 2 = 8.8 kohm
Pin 1 to pin 3 = 9.7 kohm

Voltmeter test of hall effect sensor plugged into main board:
Pin 1 to pin 4 = 12 vdc
Pin 2 to pin 4 = pulsating from 0.385 to 10.5 vdc
Pin 3 to pin 4 = pulsating from 0.385 to 10.5 vdc

So i am to assume the hall effect sensor is good!!

Motor still will not spin though so ive done a stator test. The following is a ohmmeter test of the stator coils from the main board connector to eliminate harness open:
Yl to Bl = 7.7 ohm
Yl to Rd = 7.7 ohm
Rd to Bl = 7.7 ohm

So i did a live voltage test for the motor output voltage from the board but this is where i get confused...
AC voltmeter test of each phase to ground gives me 0 VAC
DC voltmeter test of each phase to ground gives me 160 VDC

I guess my question is... Should i be meterig ti ground like that or phase to phase to get accurate motor readings. Is this motor work on variablr DC or AC?? And if it does work on DC voltage are these readings right?? If they are right then why isint the motor/drum turning? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Im sorry if this has being answered already but i looked and looked and could not find anything on the output voltage values...

Thanks alot guys!! Matt

Ohhh!! Forgot to mention that the drum spins fine... No resistance, no bearing frictionor anything!!

This should help.

Looks like the Hall sensor is under on ohms, you should be getting 10k....

hmmmm... really eh. You think that those ohm values are off enough to cause the problem im having. I found a link on this forum that suggest nominal readings can be between 8-12 Kohm, the following link is where i found this.;sa=view;pic=979

My hall effect sensor is however the original from the unit which is 7-9 years old and is a 6501KW2002B instead of the newer 6501KW2002A... i dont know if that matters though or on those older sensors, the value needs to be 10 kohm exactly

Also, if the sensor was bad, i shouldnt see the pulsating 10.5 vdc no?? sorry, i dont want to come off rude or anything, i am taking your advice seriously... im just trying to eliminate all possibilities here before i start buying all kinds of parts!!



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