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Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator WSF26C3EX Ice maker won't make ice but water works


I am having trouble with my Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator model WSF26C3EX.  My ice maker suddenly stopped making ice last night.  The water in the door works fine.  The refrigerator is a little over one year old and is a 2011 model from what I can see.  Where do I start to figure out the problem?

How cold is the freezer? Check it using a thermometer.
Does the ice maker fill with water or is it sitting empty?
What direction are the white fingers in the ice maker pointing?

Mine did the same thing and I couldn't see the red LED light that is in the door. I unplugged it for 15 seconds and plugged it back in and the light came on. I will know by tomorrow if that fixed it. Try that first to reset it before you start replacing stuff.


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