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My girlfriend has a this Kenmore Elite washer that will agitate, drain & occasionally spin.  However, the spinning has been happening less as time progresses.  We have found that if we spin the inner tub a little bit clockwise & close the lid, the washer will then spin for us.  There are no unusual noises to make us thing that the motor or tranny is bad.

Any help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance!



1. Did you check the nut on the tub block, (need special tool - Spanner wrench to tighten) sometimes the nut comes loose and the ears on the tub block wear off. There are two styles (389140) & (96384) short and long tub blocks . The tub sits on the block and transmission. (located under the agitator) 1/2 " Nut.

2. Also need to check clutch pads to see that the brake is releasing, if it is releasing there may be oil inside the clutch lining and slipping not allowing the clutch to grap hold to get up to high speed spin.

Let me know what you find...

 How can you diagnose something without a model number.

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Kenmore elite = Whirlpool
Top loader that you can open the lid on and spin by hand= Old style direct drive
 I'd bet he's got it right.


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