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LSC27921SB Er dH on display and not cooling and frosting in freezer


Hey all,

New to the group.  Sat night of course the LG LSC27921SB showed Er dH on the display.  Have been able to reset this every 4-6hr unplugging and plugging back in and it returns to normal, but still not much cold air coming out at all in either the fridge or freeze

I noticed a couple of weeks ago, just a little frost starting to build up on the back wall, but with the daily rush, didn't give it much thought.  I did stack some bread in front of the rear wall vents.  I just shut it down and removed all medication and meat to another mini fridge for the night to let it totally defrost.  I was also this morning able to clean out all the frost on the back wall.  By 5pm some more frost build up and some frost around the vents behind the ice maker.

Been all over the net with conflicting pages and don't want to have to buy uneccesarry parts.  Any help would be appreciated!  Also, need a service manual for this unit.  Hard to find!

Thanks very much,

Er DH indicates a defrost failure. Single Evap being a side by side. The unit will need to be diagnosed to verify heater continuity as well as on the thermal cut out located in the defrost packet. 3 parts could have failed. Main pcb, Defrost packet, Heater assy. O0 O0

Thanks Domain,

How do I test for heater contiunity?  I think I saw a video on youtube about that from  I do have a tester like the one he used in his video.  Could you please let me know the setting and what to do, I can do it.

I did take the back off and cleanedit all out after letting it defrost overnight.  Lot's of water.  As sson as I plugged it in, it didn't default back to 37/0 instead it stayed on the 39/3 I set yesterday.  I'll report back in another 4-6hrs if "Er dH" shows up again!

I thank you for your assistance in the matter very much and hope, but probably not, that this is the end of that error message!


Its not if, its when it is going to show back up. Multiple videos on this subject. Lmk.

Hey Domain,

YOu have a link to these vids, or just youtube er dh?



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