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GE, not always mother board???

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No problem, just seemed the discussion was getting off topic anyway so thought I would make the suggestion.
Will leave this topic as is, but feel free to start a new topic in our private board if you want to discuss pricing, rates, etc...

Please do keep us updated though on this topic as to how the refrigerator repair turns out.


FOLLOW UP. I bought the entire unit meaning wires thermostat and heater. After I replaced it and plugged it in the compressor was clicking and not cooling. Then I unplugged and plugged it in and it seemed to work fine, cooled down to 40degrees.

Was it clicking because you had ran it a bit and did not wait 5 min for it to unload?

If that was not the case you had better install a new relay and overload.  Check the run cap for value, if it has one. :)

that is not a defrost tstat it is a linner protection tstat


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