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GE, not always mother board???

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But your right Im starting to notice that no matter how low you quote the job there's always sticker shock.

Thats very true.People will complain at that lower price too.As my bother says if your going to here it anyways.Let them complain at the higher price.

Also as you see there is not much of difference between list and our cost on some parts and those parts you need to charge a little more for the parts.You had to go to the parts store to pick it up or as in my case i order it and had to sent to me.The cost of shipping maybe involve.Some parts already have a low wholesale price and a very high list price.No need to charge more for the part.Good luck.

May want to discuss billing, pricing, etc... in our private board.

Sorry A.J maybe you could move them over to Private board.


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