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GE, not always mother board???

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I'm workin on a GE MOD# TFX26KRDA-WW and the problem is the unit won't defrost and there's tons of ice build up in the freezer. I thought it was the control board, but when I went there I took out the heater element and it was completely destroyed. No continuity and in addition to that one part came right off. So I know the element is bad but Im wondering if the thermostat can be too. I couldn't get to it because of the ice, but I think it's in series with the heater I should of hooked the leads of my multimeter to both wires and checked for continuity. What do you guys think?

Here are pics of the element

 Iirc, they upgraded that to a dual element. I replace the bi metal as well.  O0 O0

The replacement looks the same. You replace the bimetal even if it has continuity?

Not always, but it seems cheap enough to add some assurance to the job.  O0


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