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Direct drive washer with stiff brakes

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As techs, we all replace motor couplers, probably every day. Upon replacement of the coupler, and testing the machine, you discover a brake that grabs so fast and hard it could snap your new coupler and is likely what caused the old one to break. What do you do to fix this? Replace the brake, grease the brake mechanism, or...


  Use a small screwdriver (tweaker) and place a very small dab of sil-glyde lubricant on the inside vertical surface of the brake drum. Works every time.


I find it's not necessary to do anything.  When you're testing, the brake is cold.  Once the washer has agitated for a few minutes and spun the clothes, the clutch and brake have heated up and it no longer grabs.  The next time you see this, hold the basket and put it into spin for a few minutes to heat it up. Then release the basket and let get up to a full spin.  You'll see that it doesn't grab anymore when it comes to a stop.


  Seems like a good way to wear the clutch pads out and it won't heat the brakes because they aren't moving if your holding the basket. Not saying the theory about brake heat is wrong, just your method of getting them warmed up. A better method would be to run a full spin cycle and if it still grabs at the end, then you can do the simple fix with the lubricant, or tear the thing apart to get to the brakes for service.


I use WD40 to free up sticky brakes, but it usually because the machine have been sitting idle in the weather for long periods of time or have been in a flood or both.


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