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how warm does freezer get during defrost

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Ok I have a new AcuRite freezer alarm...its realy a great idea..I have one wireless probe in my cellar small uoright freezer ( not a frost free) and the other in my side by side Whirlpool fridge freezer that IS frost free...You can set the upper and lower limits for the alarm.
 I had both set at upper 15 degs and lower -15 degs....the display also shows the avg upper and lower temps the freezers see.

well 1am my side by side goes off and I get up to see the temp at 16 degs but already dropping back to 14 degs...for the rest of the day eariler it stayed at betwen 0 and 2 degs...

Now Im assuming it was during the defrost cycle ??? So should I raise the upper limit to say 17 or 18 degs ?? How long is the defrost cycle and how warm does it get ?


I would say set the alarm for 22-25 degrees. That should keep you away from defrost temp rise(Depending on your set point and food load), and will also let you know way before the food thaws.... O0 O0

ok so it does warm in the freezer during the frost free cycle...sounds good..this is a really neat idea and we could have used it a few weeks ago when our compressor quit working and the freezer thawed out...

Hence the reason you bought the alarm in the first place..... ;)

Interesting, when I read it was wireless I had to see what it looked like. :)

Yours is like this one then?
AcuRite Refrigerator/Freezer Wireless Digital Thermometer


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