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Kenmore SxS Model 106.56563400 Ice Maker Problems


Gone over this thing several times with the following result:
1. No water entering the ice maker tray.
2. Have water present at the freezer door. Can fill a glass with water.
3. Water solenoid valves both ohm out at 223 and 320.
4. Cannot find any frozen water lines. Although, may have not looked
in all the right places.
5. Checked both ice bucket sensing devices (emitter and receiver) for
signs of burn or shorts.  Non visible.  Checked diagnostic light sequence for correct operation.  It appears to be working correctly.
6. Recently replaced water filter. Have double checked it for correct
installation.  Good.
Removed ice maker and checked heater, motor, etc., etc., and it all
checks out.

Any suggestions????? What am I missing?  Probably something very
simple that I am overlooking!

First see if the two tabs that hold that wheel in place that says to do not turn might be broken, known problems with this.  Then read this manual, might be something in here that will help you.
Service Manual for IDI systems, your frig is a Whirlpool...with KM on the front...

Also check that water fill tube that comes thru the top of the freezer.
Service Pointer

Thanks for the help.  I have narrowed the problem down to either the IR control or the ice maker itself.  I will be running the test sequence for both this afternoon.  I'll let you know the final results.

WHIRLPOOL Refrigerator P.c. Board Kit Part # 4389102

Cool, good deal.... ;)

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