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I need your help.

Friend has a washer WF337AAR-XAA that won't drain. The PCB was condemned by another tech, but the guy didn't run any type of system diags. I found the repair manual and successfully diag-tested all but the drain pump. I find it hard to believe the unit would run and give me diags if the PCB were bad. Ultimately, I have three choices, either PCB, pump or wiring (or combination) are bad.

Couple questions:
1) How can I test for continuity if the wire colors don't match between point A and point B, between the PCB and pump terminal connector?
2) How do I test a drain pump with just a VOM?

Next, manual says: Drain Motor Check
1) Check Voltage at Pin #1 of CN5 and Pin #6 of CN10
2) When Drain Pump operates = AC120V

Is it safe to assume that this means I'm taking the wired connectors OFF of the PCB and using just the exposed pins (#1 @ CN5 and #6 @ CN10) and expecting 120VAC during the drain cycle or drain diag?

I'm tired and have been overthinking this and need to put this out there for those with a kind heart.

Thanks a bunch!

Wire a test cord to motor. You may read ok on ohms of the windings but the impeller may be junk. Simple? O0 O0


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