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Fridge leaking water

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This is probably a minor problem but before I do anything I want some input. I have a Whirlpool Gold side by side with a lower pull out drawer freezer style compartment. The problem is that we have been seeing a small amount of water on the floor on the right side of the machine about every other day or so. In my guesstimation i'd say about 1/2 to 1 cup worth. The machine is less than two years old and this problem has been ignored for a week or so.

No maintenance has been done and to my knowledge the machine has not been moved since installation. As far as I am concerned the machine seems to work fine otherwise, I am just now worried this maybe a sign of a more serious problem.

I do not notice any water on the floor in the front, back, left or inside the machine. Only the right side has the issue.  model # GI5FVAXVQ02 


I haven't had this problem on this particular model. However water generally comes from three sources. One would be related to the water system to the ice maker and chilled water. Or the defrost drain inside the freezer. Or the defrost drain pan. Best time to look is when the water is on the floor. Get a flashlight and look under it and see if you can isolate where the water hit the floor. Then pull the fridge out and see if you can follow the trail water leaves as it dries out.

I will keep my eyes open...and keep you posted. Only problem is if i am at work when this happens not much i can do. As best i can tell, if this makes any difference. This is obviously coming from under the machine, as opposed to the back where the water line connects.  I cannot find any drain holes inside.

As an update I hear the icemaker fill up with water. waiting, waiting no water on the floor. I check in back no lines leaking. Does that eliminate anything?

Ok more info: We are pretty good about making sure the lower freezer door doesn't stay open and i see there is a build up of ice on the bottom of the freezer drawer compartment, why i don't know.  But i opened the freezer drawer and found water dripping out the front right corner of the freezer compartment over a sheet of ice below the food racks in the freezer. so apparantly its not draining properly because of this ice build up.

but what's causing this ice build up? I have more questions.

exactly what would be the ideal freezer temp set at?
what is this humidity control button on the front door and how how does this benefit the user? is this water dripping in my freezer compartment normal to begin with?


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