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Fan only runs for a minute

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I have a Payne heat pump Model#PH10JA024-A, Ser#2897E22193, installed 1996 (I can't find any tech info on this unit on the net) Got home today and they wife told me the heat pump was humming. This is a 1 1/2 ton unit. When I reset and turned it on a few times, it started and the fan ran for about a minute each time and stopped, the contact stayed pulled (It only released when I turned the digital thermostat to off. I even pulled the emergency disconnect and tuned off the breakers and the relay still had power) in and it was really hot. As I was packing up before dark and walking away I heard a loud "air discharge". I thinking that the dual run capacitor went bad again, I replaced it about 6 years ago, and/or the contactor also. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


If the cap is reading low, it could be pulling too many amps causing overload? Did you read the dual cap that is 6 years old? How clean is the coil also? :thanks:

Payne PH10JA-18 24 30 36 series A-B.pdf

Thanks for replying fellas,

I changed the capacitor this evening and it's still doing the same thing. It will start and run for a minute or two and the fan will stop and it will jus hum. Strange thing is that there is an usual amount of heat coming up through the unit. It's only run for <2 minutes, howc an it get that hot? Maybe the reversing valve is stuck?


--- Quote from: athlon1 on April 10, 2013, 06:53:11 PM ---... run for a minute or two and the fan will stop and it will jus hum.
--- End quote ---
you weren't clear in the original post.
With power removed, try turning the Fan Motor Shaft by hand.
Does it turn easily, smoothly ?
Can you give it a good spin, and will it continue for a few turns ?


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