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Looking for a service manual for a Frigidaire refrigerator  model LGHN2844MFO.

What's wrong with it?

Could not find a service manual, but here is the tech sheet.

Thanks Boss:  Frigidaire model LGHN2844MFO
 Here's the deal. I had a service call on this Frigidaire Gallery french door bottom freezer frig. that the
ice maker quit working. This unit has the display on the left hand ff door inside (out of site). I checked and there is water to the inlet valve and you can rotate the ice maker gear as per tech sheet, it will work intermittenly, so I ohm check the water valve, it read 393 ohm's (High) ice maker guide on service tips says 285 ohm's max, I placed the frig in diagnostic mode per tech sheet ( but don't get Ice maker errors displayed on "UI" what is UI??) also when you check seperate functions for the frig. in  the diagnostics mode, do you turn each function on through the power on/off button as per other models?? This unit has be discontinued and was manufactured June 2011.
Bottom line is a ordered a new ice maker and water inlet valve (Repair Clinic) and will be back out this thursday the 11th. Just a little uncomfortable without a confirmed diagnosis,
Ya I know what your thinking I am from Nebraska and the N is for knowledge .
Thanks for all your Help and hard work on this outstanding site.

Service manual attached (I hope - big file)

'UI' stands for 'User Interface'

Check electrical connections. There was a service bulletin on poor connections in fresh food ice makers due to moisture infiltrating the plugs. Even though this not one of the fresh food icemakers, I would consider checking it out & using dielectric grease on the connectors anyway, for good measure.

Good luck.


 Thanks for responding not seeing link/attachment for service manual. With AJ's blessing
if you could send it to


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