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GE Microwave Loses Power

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OK, a Sunday puzzler.

I have an older GE over the stove microwave, model JVM132K004. I believe this is made by Samsung, as the country of origin is Korea.

It works normally for a couple of mins, heating foods properly. Then, while in the middle of heating cycle, the light goes out and it sounds like the magnetron is  stopped, but the timer keeps counting down like it thinks it is still working normally. I may get 1.5 to 2 mins into a heating cycle before exhibiting this cut-out.

A quick peeksee in the control panel and at the wiring harnesses shows nothing obvious (like a contact getting hot, etc), though I haven't torn into everything. I'm expecting this is something like a corroded contact which heats up after a couple of mins and then cuts out the power. There may be a thermal fuse somewhere that is misbehaving.

Machine will restart in  a couple of mins, and do the same thing again.

Any clues on how to debug, or suggestions about what to look for? Thanks.

Model JVM132K004


Maybe one of the door switches acting up.

Next time it stops and the timer just keeps counting down wiggle the door up and down a little to see if it kicks in again.

If you can get it to kick back in by moving the door then I would start checking the door switches.

Have a real close look at the triac on the main PCB or "Smart Board" We used to find loose solder joints on this  area which caused intermittent heating failure. As far as I know, this board has been NLA for some time.


I removed each connector on the main board and reseated each. Nothing looked out of sorts. However, when reassembled, machine is now working normally. I have a feeling the power loss will reappear at some later date, but we'll have to wait and see.

Thanks for all the help.

On to other projects...In our modern life, there is always something that needs attention.

Hi, sorry to hijack your thread, but I have the same or similar oven (JVM130 001) made in 1988. It quit heating altogether.;Runs and timer counts down, but no heat. I haven't gone into it yet, but can you get to the control board without uninstalling the oven? Also, any other possible problems beside control board connections or solder joints? Thanks!


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