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LG washing washing very loud during spin cycle

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I have a LG front load washer WM2050CW that is almost 3 years old and has been very loud during spin cycle. I'm being told that the bearing is probably bad. I didnt buy the extended warranty when I purchased it. repair shop is telling me that it would cost around $500 to fix, and is not worth repairing and I should buy a new and to get the extended warranty this time.

I dont feel any play on the tub and bearing in the back looks good.

It seems to me that LG should warranty this, I guess this is a common problem on all front load washers

what are my options here


The bearing is on it's way out.  There is no warranty other than the stainless steel drum.  You can complain to LG customer service and see what they're willing to do.  They may give you an extended parts warranty but you would have to pay the labor. 

Good luck

<<<I have a LG front load washer WM2050CW that is almost 3 years old>>>


A bit "young" for failed bearings.

How many loads of laundry per week is the washer used?

Average for a family of four is---8 to 12 loads per week (minimum 416 loads per year).

I have seen LG bearings go out in 3 years or so. I informed the customer she had to be extremely under or overloading the machine and to correct the issue. Post a video of the noise if you are able, this will help us help you 8)

At least LG doesn't make you buy the whole tub like Whirlpool does.  Bearing part numbers are 4280FR4048L and 4280FR4048E, tub seal is 4036ER2004A.


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