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Amana ADB1400 Stops and Drains before completing normal wash

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After about 15-30 minutes my Amana dishwasher will stop mid-cycle, drain, and then shut off (including all of the indicator lights on the panel).

When this happens, the red drain LED turns on as if the Drain/Cancel switch had been pushed.

It appears to be doing this regularly, but I was able to get it to run a full cycle once  by cutting the power to the dishwasher for a minuter or two.

The switches are membrane switches.   Do they go bad?  The Drain/Cancel switch seems to function correctly (push it the red LED turns on and a drain cycle starts).

Where can I get a service manual?

Can the dishwasher control program decide to activate  "Drain/Cancel" for some reason?

I see this identical problem posted elsewhere, but no solutions are offered.


We all run into problems we haven't seen before. This is an unusual one. Sounds like a problem with the board. the only other thing that comes to mind would be a stuck key on the membrane switch. Some wiring diagrams will include a way to check continuity of the membrane matrix.Often you just have to narrow down the suspects and make a educated guess.


Thanks for the suggestions. I was thinking the same thing.  I will repeat an experiment I tried - which is to lock out the buttons (an option on this model).   This seems to have worked once last night for a 1 hour, no hi temp, no heated dry mode with the lock feature turned on.

The dishwasher (over 2 years old and outside any warranty) belongs to a friend.  I have a couple of Kitchenaid dishwashers installed in 1984 which have never given me any trouble.

Is the control program in the dishwasher smart enough to detect a problem, drain the dishwasher and cancel the wash cycle.
If not then, as you said it has to be a control board/membrane switch problem.

Too bad I can't just plug in an OBDII reader in to the dishwasher and find out what is wrong like in a car.

The control module  is  a W10319897 - I think.
 How long does it take a pro to replace the control board? 
Would I learn anything by running a manual test/ field service test on the dishwasher?

I have been fixing appliances all my life 65+, so I will give it a try.


Some boards n give you a failure code but can't recall one being smart enough to cancel and drain on its own.It shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to replace the board.

LG top loads drain (dr) when left paused or errored out for *8 minutes for safety O0


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