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SOS!! Frigidaire Gallery Dryer won't start

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okay, so this is the deal...
our basement flooded about a week ago because our sump pump wasn't hooked up... washer and dryer are down in the basement. hubby goes down to fix sump pump and gets curious about the condition of the appliances... he tries to start the dryer.
of course it didn't work... so i need help figuring out what is wrong with the dryer.
we have a frigidaire gallery front load electric dryer, about ten years old, maybe a little less.
when i turn the knob to any cycle, it sounds like it's trying to turn on, even before i turn the on switch-thing... nothing happens except for the loud noise which lasts for 20 seconds or so and will come back on automatically every couple of minutes if i don't switch the cycle knob back to the off position. i tried to flick the start knob during the process which did nothing either.
please help me before i take this dryer apart and REALLY screw it up!

Sounds like motor is going out on overload to me. ???

Yep. Sounds like the run winding is energized. How deep did the water get?

the water was about 6 inches deep.

what do you guys mean... (in english)  ?

They mean that the water got so high that it screwed up the electronics in the motor. If it doesnt work in a day or so, you will need a new motor


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