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Jennair jjw9827dds bottom oven wont heat

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I have to go see a customer next week so I thought I would try to find some info on this problem.  I don't want to have to pull this double oven out if I don't have too.
the customer said the bottom oven will not work on bake or broil.  the light still works and the control panel works.  He said if he sets it to bake the control panel seems to function normally, but he gets no heat.  He has not used the self clean function recently.
I know there is a hi limit on the back of the oven, but I am hoping there are some other things to check before I have to pull this oven out of the wall.
Anybody have any suggestions on what to look for?

I guess I am wondering if there is a way to test the lower oven hi limit switch without pulling the oven out.

From the service manual.

--- Quote ---Upper, Lower, and Single Oven High Limits

NOTE: Requires removal of unit from cabinet.
1. Turn power off to unit.
2. See “Control Panel Assembly” for removal.
3. Remove screws securing top or bottom rear access cover, to gain access to limits switch.
4. Disconnect wire terminals from limit switch being replaced.
5. Remove screws securing limit switch needing to be replaced.
6. Replace and reverse procedure to reassemble.

--- End quote ---

16022506 Maytag Amana Jenn-Air Electric Wall Ovens Service Manual

Don't know how you would test it without removing it unless you can take a look at the wiring diagram well your there and find the wires in the harness that lead to it. Could maybe pull the heating element to get on one of the wires.

Update.  I went out today and pulled it out. Hi limit was good.  Unplugged then replugged all connectors. Turned the breaker back on and it worked. Must have been a loose connector or something buggy in the board. Didnt have any stored error codes.


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