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Dryer shuts off with clean lint filter light lit

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Working on a Frigidaire Electric Dryer Model# LEQ2152ESO and it will run for awhile and then it will shut of and the Clean Lint Filter is lit... If you start it back up it will run for about 4-5 minutes then it will do it again... This unit is removed from the vent work and has been cleaned out completely but it still does the same thing.. Is there a sensor that runs this or is it controlled through the computer board or is it something simple that i am missing? I am frustrated.Thanks in advance for any help ... the customer is waiting and I need help.. There is no wiring diagram in the machine as well and I see where someone has cut two of  the wires from the dampness sensor and taped them together... But I don't think that has anything to do with it as it has run fine for over 2 weeks...
Thanks again...

The lint sensor is part number 131845802 and this dryer has a thermistor part number  134587700 . You may want to replace both and see what happens. I don't know why you would jump out sensor.

I agree with dab.  O0

I have also attached a copy of the tech sheet. It has a wiring diagram and some other troubleshooting information.

Let us know what the problem is when you resolve this. . I love this web site I am here to learn all I can.

Any insight as to why they were taped together? I would think the customer was complaining about wet clothes on the sensor cycle :D :D


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