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Carrier Model 40AQ Direct-Expansion Fan/Fan-Coil Unit



I'm new on this site. I have a carrier Carrier Model 40AQ Direct-Expansion Fan/Fan-Coil Unit, Model#40AQ036300BU, Ser# T3A80802. I'm getting cold air when the auxiliary heat comes on. I have re-strung heaters in old units before as a last resort but I would like to replace my unit with as close a replacement as I can. There isn't much out there on the net so I was hoping i could get a little more info here.


Got any photos of it?


Thanks for replying. No, but I can take some. Problem is its in a corner in my garage I haven't "entered" for 10 years, ha.ha. I'll clear the area out, pull it and post the pictures. Alot of broken 'fridges' out there hopefully 'll get home at a decent time so I can get to it in the next few days.



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