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Kenmore 9113042992 Gas Oven with Parts Changes During Production


My 1990 Kenmore model 9113042992 gas wall oven has obviously gone through engineering changes that have resulted in use of different, incompatible parts, for different serial number production runs. I ordered an igniter for this oven and found that the Sears recommended part was a Norton flat style. also pointed to the same flat style. My 9113042992 uses the round carborundum type. I finally tracked  down the right part as GE p/n WB2X9154 by surfing the web. My current concern, is, now I've got a bad control board. Engineering changes could have also been made  to the control board. Since the latest igniter wouldn't fit my oven, the latest control board may not fit, as well. How can I get the proper control board if the online parts vendors don't publish the different parts, for each serial number production run, for a model that's been in production for an extended period?

RegUS_PatOff: shows the correct Ignitor for you model number

I would send it to and get it rebuilt. It's no longer available.

Fixyourboard has a better warranty than brand new for around $130 last I saw.

You're a better shot than I am RegUS_PatOff. Good hunting! However, my shotgun surfing did find the part for a lot less than those guys.
I'll think about the rebuild guys. First I'll take a look at the board myself, and see if I can track down components I CAN REPLACE. If I can recognize the relays from an electronics distributor, or MRO, I might replace if a relay went bad. Don't worry about my safety, I used to groom and rebuild electronic warfare systems on the now retired Poseidon nuclear submarine fleet. When they put me on a desk job, my whole day was taken up tracking down obsolete parts in those same boats. This is similar work.


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