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Why do I only get 99 VAC on the incoming power plug from the frig/freezer.  Is this a good reading?  Shouldn't it be 120 VAC?

Assuming you mean you are getting 99 volts to the coil on the fill valve from the ice maker that would be about right, the power to the valve goes thru the mold heater on the bottom of the ice maker, this causes a resistance that drops the voltage to around 98 or so volts....if I have miss-understood your question please clarify...

I don't know if we are on the same page or not.  The power I am referring to in the plug that brings power to the to the ice maker itself. It has only 99VAC on it. That seems a little low to me.  I've always thought +or- 10% of the rated voltage was the acceptable standard.


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