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No Consumer Choice for 24" Gas Self Cleaning Single Chamber Wall Ovens

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Is it just me, or does my search for a 24" self-cleaning, single chamber gas oven keep leading me to what appear to be ovens with identically sourced parts....probably from one factory in China. I know that US brand holders have put up "screw, snap, and bolt" plants in the US to make it look like their appliances, containing identical parts, are US made and brand differentiated. It's obvious, both by inspecting photos, reading specs, and reading consumer reviews of this style oven, that all major brands are junk. The failures are common to all major brands, as well. Can anybody recommend where I can purchase this type of gas wall oven that isn't assembled from outsourced junk? Maybe the wall ovens you see on cooking shows come from a better place? Rachel Ray's GE Profile comes only in electric. The GE gas ovens don't come in anything but peasant grade, as per my above rant.

PS..the price range of $1200-$1600 for this junk is mind boggling!

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I'd rather solve crossword puzzles than check boxes.  :2funny:
Did you even read my post?

I think the market for this size is limited.Wall ovens were this size in the 50's and 60's. Then 27" wall ovens came out and by the 90's we saw 30" ovens. So for kitchens that haven't been remodeled and still have a cabinet that has that size of hole, the choice is limited.

I think the first guy was just trying to show you what your choice might be..i.e. limited.
Bailey, I think, has given you the bottom line.    The 24" size is in very low demand, hence the limited availabity of choices.    This does not help someone like yourself who would like to replace the oven without a complete kitchen makeover.    But the hard fact of life is that a manfacturer has to very closely watch the demand volume for his it a $2 widget, or a wall oven.   As the demand drops, the variety drops and the price goes up.
I cannot speak for the appliance market...but in my field ( plumbing, faucets,, shower valves, etc) it has certainly come to pass that I can pick up two lavatory faucets from two completely unrelated brands.    Different style, different handles, etc.   But UNDER the handles and the chrome body.....they CLEARLY come off the same chinese production line.


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