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Frigidare gas Range help


The problem is when baking the oven comes up to temp fine, then a pop noise is heard  as the gas flame goes out. Now here is the problem when the oven goes to relight the igniter lights up just as the gas turns on it pops  and a noise as if there is a jet going off or a roar. Almost as if the gas pressure is too high. Any suggestions on repair?

Have you accessed the burner and watched it light? I'm wondering what the flame looks like when you hear the roar.

We need a model number to be more specific on help.
The ignitor may be out of position.
The pilot gas opening may be partially closed.
The air shutter on the gas valve may need adjusting.
You nay have a gas leak.
The ignitor may be weak.

And is it natural gas or propane ?

Thanks for all of the help but my customer decided to replace the range.


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