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Did error code re appear?

not yet it has been 20 minutes since i replaced the board.  error code has taken several hours to reappear throughout

had replaced the thermister/controller/fuse assembly prior to the pcb with no resolve to any symptoms

First thing, go back to the control board and look for CON4.  Test for continuity between the BROWN lead and the PURPLE lead.  This will test continuity of the heater circuit.  You should show continuity.  If not, then you need to go down to the control and check the connection.  It's possible that the connector is the problem.

CON 4 was labelled with "water valve, sole cube, aug motor and L".  CON 3 was labelled with "def htr (l), n, def htr (n), and pipe disp wtr.  I checked for continuity for CON 3 by putting probes on "def htr (l)" or purple lead and "def htr (n)" or brown lead and circuit has continuity.  FYI after several hours the error code dh still shows up.


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