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I have an Lg side by side that recently started showing error code dh.  This is not the only problem.  The internal lights are not coming on and the dispenser system (ice and water) are not working.  I have found my way to the defrost heater and checked it.  It has continuity.  I have a controller/thermister on order.  Should I be looking for something else?  None of the post I have read related to error code dh mention the internal lights or the dispenser.

LRSC26922TT?  :oops:

There is a fuse located in the defrost controller. This needs to have continuity and sensor needs to be in range. My bet from the symptoms described, the main pcb is on the fritzzzzzz.  :tickedoff:

Thanks-I was afraid that the pcb could be going >:( Any way to be sure?
I may have gotten a bit cocky with typing the model number.  Have typed it several thousand times since yesterday and the first time I mess it up I get busted.

replaced the pcb board.  additional symptoms went away (lights came back on and dispenser started working)  for about three minutes then stopped.  What is wrong????


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