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Author Topic: LG Front Load Gas Dryer - Short Cycling  (Read 7130 times)

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Re: LG Front Load Gas Dryer - Short Cycling
« Reply #10 on: March 25, 2013, 12:03:47 AM »

<<<I have a LG front load dryer that is short cycling.  I had a gas odor when I opened the door to the dryer.>>>


LG gas dryers are best used in homes with exhaust vents that are 8 feet or less.

A gas odor and 5 second burner "run time" are strong indicators that the vent system is---at least partially blocked.

When the Gas Valve *opens*---there will a momentary lull---before the gas ignites (normal).
When the vent system is "ideal"---the small amount of unburned gas exits the dryer through the vent system---and is usually not noticed by the user.


<<<I noticed that the lent screen had holes in it like they were burnt this morning.>>>


Possible burns form *embers*

All dryers with partially/fully blocked exhaust venting---will have a *disproportionately* heavy lint accumulation everywhere inside the dryer.
Did the "tech" disassemble the dryer and clean/vacuum/remove all lint---inside the dryer?


<<<I don't think its the vent, I took a blower and hooked it to the vent and got very little out,>>>


If the venting system is hidden/buried inside walls/ceilings/attics---it's impossible to know the true status of the vent system.
A professional vent cleaning company is the *only* recourse for homes---in which atrociously long/hidden vents exists.

The vent system can be checked for proper airflow using a MANOMETER.

The correct back-pressure is listed in the LG dryer *installation manual*.

After the vent system is 100% certified clean/clear---the dryer will function more or less normally again.
The length of time to dry clothing will remain abnormally long to due the increased back-pressure from a *long* vent system.

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Re: LG Front Load Gas Dryer - Short Cycling
« Reply #11 on: March 25, 2013, 01:10:27 PM »
I ordered some brushes to clean out the vent system, we'll see if it works, thanks for the help. 


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