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Roaches & other pests

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I'm so used to that stuff, I don't think about it much.

Seems every stove call I get has dead mouse or rat in it. 

I recently had a call where there were mice poop in the stove.  I did my work (gas leak due to mouse pee corrosion) and left.  Customer call back to chew me out about leaving mouse turds on her floor.  I was polite, and let her rant.  She was worried about her baby.  Then I apologized, explaining that I don't bring cleaning supplies with me, and didn't even know she had a baby.  (I was tempted to point out that they were her mouse turds - I didn't bring 'em with me...

LG washerdryer combo yesterday had cockroaches.  I just squish 'em if they get in my way.

It does gross me out though.  I'd never tolerate that crap in my house!


--- Quote from: LowSL2 on March 23, 2013, 09:49:07 PM ---What's everyone take on jobs that are infested with roaches, rats, mice, etc?

I had a call on a dishwasher today. I pulled it out and there was a small army of cockroaches behind and around it. I stopped, showed the lady it was infested and i had to stop (company policy and state law prohibit techs from working around pests). The lady started smashing them left and right, but they kept coming. I went out to my truck to make the appropriate phone calls and she called me back in. The husband was sitting his fat a$$ on a stool and told me in broken English to get to work. They're just bugs. I told him i couldn't, then the F bombs came flying at me. He called me a baby, a little girl and then a f@g. So, I left. I don't get paid enough to deal with a-holes like that, and i don't get paid enough to work around disgusting roaches. Yuk.

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Glad to see you had the sense to walk out buddy, I hate roaches. But him calling you names for not wanting to work in a roach infested pit is just classic lowlife. I don't see that much of it in Domestic properties over here but in Commercial kitchens you'd be surprised what you find.


--- Quote from: RAH52 on March 24, 2013, 05:53:26 AM ---Went on a maytag gas range with DSI .Would not bake .A rat had chewed thru the wire that went to the igniter from the DSI module .Rat droppings everywhere .This place was also infested with flies .When I took the side panel off to route the new wire there was all kinds of broken eggs jammed in that area.The guy was nice to me and very appreciative .Felt kinda sad for the old horder. Told me had no-one in the world that was family since his mother died a number of years back .Used lots of hand cleanser on that call.

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Surgical gloves are your friend :) I always carry a few pairs in my kit & Disposable coveralls in the van.

I guess I got used to that stuff when I had my hauling business.  We'd have to clean out hoarder's homes, evictions, drug dens, and the residues of party animals and lazy slobs.

I used to haul off furniture with bed bugs.  That is nasty!!  Look up bed bugs.  I don't think that there is a more foul creature in God's creation ('cept the demons).  When they mate, it is rape.  The male shoves his spike through the carapace of the female and inseminates her abdomen.  This washes around until it finds her naughty bits, and she starts laying eggs. Groooooosssssss!!!

I cleared an apartment once that had cockroaches hiding in the door jamb.  Open the door; roach rain.   There was a lazyboy in the livingroom.  I moved it, and a square yard of carpet started running away!  No exaggeration.

The electric company turns off the juice for no payment, and I get to clear the fridge and freezer out -  maggots in rotting fish.  That's nice.

But I guess if nobody wants to do this, I should add a nasty charge.

I could make my stash there.


Mouse crap and a dead mouse every now and then is about all I see.

Did have a dishwasher the other day the stopped pumping. Had water sitting in it for a few days. The lady saves empty cans of cat food and puts them in the dishwasher to clean them. The water was rotten smelling!


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