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Author Topic: Dryer Drum slow or stops with substantial load after reinstalling belt  (Read 2715 times)

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Hi folks,
trying to give this warhorse SpeedQueen Marathon gas dryer a cpl more years; any ideas very welcome. Took drum out and successfully found an intermittent electrical problem; a spade connector on a wire to the motor was almost loose. Along the way shorted out door switch (don't ask me how), bought and replaced it; all good there. After putting all back together, now drum turns slowly(or stops) if there is any more than approx. 30% of a usual large load of wet clothes. I just put some clothes in the dryer and found there is a pretty clear tolerance or weight limit. If I put in even a FEW more pieces of wet clothing after the 30%-spins-fine level, it slows down or can stop if a few more added on top of that amount. Felt to me that there was sufficient tension on idler pulley when redoing belt, but maybe it changed as I pushed sides together to reassemble and maybe my memory of how much tension there should be (from last belt fix) is faulty. I am wondering about things I've read as culprits for this issue:
1. motor (MAY be a little extra hum there , but donít really think so, and why would motor go south from the operations I've done and exactly at this time?)

2. lint screen or filter clogged, something stuck in there? I don't know if people are referring to something deeper in the guts than the simple removable screen when they mention this.

3. maybe I  got a little grease on belt inadvertently.
4. machine either not level OR I have slightly changed the "cubic" shape (angles of the sides/top) when reassembling and that's impacting how things hang together, including free play of drum, contact with rollers or the contact with the felt-like ports that the drum turns within, etc
5. Also, there are a cpl machine screws at the bottom of one of the sides holding that side tight to the bottom that I forgot to replace when reassembling, didn't seem structural and didn't seem to impact shape. Realized this after all back together and machine pushed back in it's tight spot, Iím crossing fingers that these screws not vital, I was wiped out from hours of work on this, a little lazy, I guess.

7. drum roller wheels wearing out or not lubricated somehow?

Some of these don't seem to make much sense, as it seems a huge coincidence that they would occur right at the same time as me taking the machine apart and reassembling to deal w/drum, belt, switch, etc.

Ideas very welcome.

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The belt may not be tracking correctly on the motor pulley or tension roller.
The bulkhead may be binding the drum.
The drum support rollers may be binding.
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Model # We will be able to help you more.

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Check and verify belt is not flipped inside out. Don't ask how I know lol. Also, check free spin of drum and see if belt is slipping at any point under load....


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