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Whirlpool Gold Making Ice Very, Very Slowly...

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To jump out optics read this .But you could have ice maker the most common problem.Plug up fill tube. Or bad water valve.Manual put water in ice maker if none is there to see if makes cubes.How is the rest of the food in freezer its it all frozen.Ice cream frozen is a good indicator that the freezer temperature is ok.

Read this.

Good luck.

The freezer temp should be around zero. The closer to 15 degrees, the slower the ice production. Above 15 it may not make ice at all.

Thanks for all the ideas.  In terms if temp there have been no problems with other items being frozen solid.  The odd thing is that it will dump a tray of ice and then go for a long while before dumping another.  The ice compartment never even starts to get full.  We just moved in to this house about three weeks ago so don't have a long history with this unit.


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