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Whirlpool Gold Making Ice Very, Very Slowly...

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Our Whirlpool Gold SxS ice maker is making ice very, very...did I say very... slowly.  Also, the infrared sensor is blinking twice with a one second delay whether the line of sight for the light is blocked or the flapper door is held in and is clear...still blinking twice.

Any ideas on if I need to replace the light and sensor.  There is little to no ice in the tub and it will make two or three trays of ice per 24 hour period.  I have taken the ice tub out and made sure it is defrosted, taken the light and sensor on each side out and looked them over.  The teeth are in the two o'clock position.  What is my next move?

Thanks so much for any help.


Could be quite a few things, actually. I am no pro with optic boards so I wont go there. What I do on any no/slow ice call is take temp of ice room/area FIRST . NOT with an infrared gun. I use a K type thermocouple attached to my fluke. Usually below 10 degrees or so is what I want. Two things after that, Bi metal in the ice mold or low water pressure. Then the optics which I know zero about.... O0

Clean up the cobwebs from beneath the ice box

Tape the door latch down 7 hold the flapper back.  unplug refer for a minute & plug back in.  unit should begin harvest cycle.  Check that fingers cycle, heater heats 7 water fills.  if does not cycle more than likly ya need to replace optics.   Can't remenber which pins to short out to make it work from the receiver side.    Had one where the optics ailed, no light 7 the thing just made ice.  evertime lady would open door ice flooded her kitchen.    I to go with my lady, will try to get you some info.

Go to you tube, type ' optical icemaker' in search bar.  several flicks on this type of control.   The optics are just a complicated switch that tells the IM whether the bucket is full or not.   most of the units with optics, the door switch has to be closed for it to work, switch is in series


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