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Whirlpool Topload LSQ8543JQ0 won't Drain before Spin

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My Washer won't Drain before Spin Mode, the Drive Motor isn't running and the Timer Motor seems to make a low pitch humming noise.
The end of the Drain Hose is only 4 inches inside Wall and I blew through the Pressure Tube but it didn't help.
It will only Drain while Spinning and the Water is overflowing out of the Tub.
Therefore could it be the Timer, the Neutral Drain Transmission/Gearcase or something else? :-\


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I had one like that and the big molex plug into the timer had backed out a hair. I shoved it back in tight and she took off like Lindberg's goose.

There seems to be a condridiction in your statement, but from everything your saying I would check to see if your pump is stripped out.

The whole point of the neutral drain function is so the water can be pumped out before it starts to spin. There are some parts inside the transmission that allow this to happen. They wear out and it will spin and pump out at the same time. There is a neutral drain kit 388253 that will correct this problem.


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