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complaint is dishwasher cycle light blinks.  Dishwasher will drain then fill but nothing else.  Tech sheet is not much help.  Neither is GE.   Door latch works, it drains & fills.  Any ideas what to check?

Sounds like your circulation pump seal is stuck. Rotate the motor fins ccw until it breaks free. If it will not break free, you will need to replace seal kit.

Would not the motor hum if I had anything stuck.  No noise what-so-ever.   Also I have no electricity coming out of the control board on the blue wire.  The tech sheet for the machine, not a whole lot of help. 
The thermiator would not have anything to do with the operation of the motor would it?  It is shown on the control board  connected to its separate connector (CN3) connected by a blue wire coming out of control board & back into control board.   Has a notation "resistance of themistor at room temperature: 50kOhm with negative coefficient."  I take it that 'negative coefficient' means as temps go down resistance decreases also.

I find nothing on a dldt.
Is it a "G" ldt?



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