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Samsung Ice Buildup

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Thanks, Wild, that's exactly what was hoping for.  The picture in the bulletin looks different than my picture, but it's obvious that I have no sensor on the suction line. I'll go back and give it a shot.

I didn't think it was the door left open because it closed so well and there's that alarm that goes off every minute.

the evaporator/fan cover assembly can get waterlogged in the white Styrofoam, the only repair is to fit a new evaporator/fan cover assembly and yes move the defrost sensor as mentioned above

Here in Australia they sell the evaporator/fan cover assembly as a complet part wich includes the fan and complete cover, I cant find it on a USA web site

yes, here in the uk we have same issues, but for this version you should get by without replacing the evap cover ; Move the sensor as stated, but when re assembling the cover, make sure the suction line and capillary are pressed back enough to prevent any contact with the evaporator cover - it was found that often contact was creating moisture points which then froze. There is also a method to increase the temp for the defrost sensor to kick back in, but that is usually only needed in rare cases. Can't find it right now, but will dig it out if you need it?
Hope that helps

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