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Samsung Ice Buildup

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Samsung, SxS, RS267TDWP/XAA, about 3 years old, iced up around the evaporator fan on the refrigerator side. I removed the ice and got it going but I couldn't find the cause.  The door gasket looks good, the door closes fine.  I checked the defrost drain and it looks good.  There's a rubber tube that goes from the cabinet to the drain pan.  Inside the tube there's a duckbill like check valve and it looks good.  Am I missing anything?

Here are a couple of pictures.

Left the door Open?   I defrosted one like that 6 months ago & found nothing but ice, no problem to speak of, suggested to customer that door was left open & to call me if it ices again.   No call since.

No ice on evap? I usually find those iced up solid. Bad element in my case, but if your coil was good, tell them to close the darn door... O0

See attachment.

You need to relocate the defrost thermistor to the return side of the cooling line higher above the evaporator.  See the last page for an example.

Hope this helps.


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