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Washer not spinning properly - dismantled + photos - need advice


Model Number: lxr5432kq0

Hi, I have been lurking on here all day dismantling my washer to try and identify what the problem was.
It's a direct drive whirlpool and first thing I did was figure that my drive coupling was fine.

What was happening is it quit spinning properly, I don't know if it was agitating but I think it might of been, but when it came time to spin it would hardly spin or not spin at all, but if you started it spinning it would continue to spin, but not full speed. There was also a lot of water that never got spun out.

I'm trying to figure out exactly what is wrong with it. I have taken it apart, the transmission, the clutch and the motor are all separate but I don't see anything bad with them.
No cracks/chipped plastic but I also have never worked with a washer before. I figure if it was a motor it would just of burnt out and not given this type of behaviour but I'm not sure and I'd have to put enough of the washer back together before I did that. From what I have read it seems like this type of behavior would be caused by a broken clutch mechanism but none of them seem worn. If someone can notice something obviously wrong in these photos and can give any advice as to what to try I'd be appreciative. I don't want to blow 30$ on a clutch assembly only to find out that there wasn't anything wrong with it and something else is broke.

I had a washer repair tech over and he charged 20$ just to say the clutch is broke, we don't repair those, you can buy a used one around the corner. At this point I decided to try to fix it myself but have been slacking and I'm about to head out to the laundromat again.
Here's the clutch photo 1

clutch photo 2

the clutch parts for the drivebox/transmission

another view with the washer lifted

Thanks for any advice.

did you try running the motor with out the pump attached? Did you look in the pump?


From the looks of your photos the transmission is leaking oil out the top shaft and the oil is getting into the clutch making it slip.

I would replace the transmission and the clutch to repair this washer.

If the seal around the cover needs replacing I would replace that instead of a tranny.


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