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Manual Defrost Kenmore?

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Model: 3638383180  Serial: DO1673275
Looked at this fridge today: Complaint was frost build up.  It had Frost built up in the freezer about 3-4 inches top, bottom, and back.  Door gaskets are good.  Defrosted unit and keeps cold great.  I looked at parts diagram and see there is a small evaporator heater but can't find any control for defrost.  Am I actually looking at a manual defrost unit?  There is also a "defrost scraper" on the parts diagram I did find when I defrosted it. 
I never see manual defrost fridge and freezers so am confused if that is what I'm looking at.
Thanks for any advice.

Idk the exact answer but why would they have a evap heater on a manual defrost unit? They wouldnt. May have two different units. Manual and auto defrost.

Yeah, I'm confused but I think your onto something.  Sears has part #635 as a retainer and #635A as heater evaporator...maybe different unit's per serial number?  The part isn't sold anymore but just interested so really kind of a moot point but wondering what the heck I'm missing...I hate not knowing. 

I already had an hour and half of steaming and pulling ice chunks out so didn't even bother tearing into it.  Figured I would look into it when I had more time but everything I see points me to a manual defrost.

Never heard of a defrost scraper, but I also seen it listed on the sears parts site.
Looks like a lot of parts for the refrigerator are NLA. Is it a older refrigerator?

I could not find a defrost timer for it. You may have to follow the wires from the heating element to find it.

I'm not sure of the age.  This is a work order for a property mgmt company so who knows...I was hoping to find a defrost timer, defrost thermostat, or some kind of control and couldn't find any which lead me to believe it's a manual defrost.  It's really in good shape and has an economy switch which leads me to believe it's not too old...It has a drain hole from the freezer into the fresh food at top center as well as what appears to be a sheild that may have part of the evaporator in the the fresh food back wall with a drip tray going to a drain line in the back of the fresh food side into a drip pan underneath...never seen this set up...I should have taken pictures...couldn't find any evap. fan either...


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