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Kenmore washer overflowing

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If I blow on a 2 while connected to the pressure switch it shuts off quickly and startd agitating. When this mean that the pressure switch is good? I just bought the switch and the hose brand new today. By blowing in the tube in passing the pressure switch does that also test the valve? Can I just do a continuity test on the water valve solenoid?

Resistance check on valve will tell you if your valve is in good shape electrically, but NOT mechanically.  O0

Are you on a well, if so your more likely to have a faulty valve due to sediment. Have you cleaned the screen on the valve and if so, did you put screen back in? If you have replace pressure switch and pressure hose, then the inlet valve would be the main suspect if it is continuing to over flow.

When you say you blow on the hose and get bubbles, that tells me there is water in the tub. The tub has to be empty when you hook up the tube or it will not sense properly. So, pump the water out, blow through the hose, then hook it up to the switch.

Check the tub for a hole near the tubing, the switch works on air pressure. If their is an air leak no pressure will build in the tubing and the switch won't work. Use a twist tie on each end of the tubing.


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