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Kenmore washer overflowing

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Kenmore 80 series washer keeps overflowing. If I on plug in the water stop so it's not the water valve. If I blow on the hose the pressure switch activates and starts agitating. It's a brand new hose and pressure switch. The nipple the hose hooked on will squirt water out so that doesn't seem plugged up either.

I blow through the tube to get sediment out the base of the tub. We have a lot of beach sand down here where I am. I connect the tubing securely and pump out the water. Then I do a retry.

I tried that and it ended up blowing bubbles inside the tub so it was clear

There is nothing else to it. Water bottle/air chamber/tub nipple or hose or pressure switch. Could be bad pressure switch. ;)

I would suspect valve, hose or pressure switch. While filling, check that both solenoids stop water flow immediately. If one continues even for 1 or 2 extra seconds the valve may be faulty. Trim pressure hose, if could be sucking a little air.


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