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LG dryer DLEX7177RM, customer complains that for about three months, the unit has been leaven clothes damp. She said that a warranty technician came out and changed the drum cause it was cracked down the middle. And ever since then the clothes have been co wing out damp. Even in the manual settings. I checked for continuity from the moisture sensor to the six pin connector and there's continuity but when I wet a cloth and put it on there the voltage coming out at the six pin connector wasn't in the specified ranges listed in the manual.

I'm hoping John63 can help me with this one. I'm calling moisture sensor.

Hi Rick: Those are some nice clear pictures brother, what camera do you use ?


O i see. Im of no help! Lol. Press more time and less time while pressing power button. This is test mode. Open door, press play ONCE to activate moisture sensor test. Number above 250 is dry. Put hand across bars and watch for the number to drop as low as say 25 simulating wet clothes. My bet is other so called tech didnt plug in the single connector to the bars. Ugh.

If the customer is having drying issues, always check the vent for proper air flow.

Run the dryer with the door open and finger depressing the door switch.  Quick check---Place a piece of paper over the filter vent screen to see if the paper will stick to the suction of the blower.  If the paper doesn't stick, look at the venting issues.

Does the unit feel warm inside when it's been running?  Checking for heating.  If not, check the reset the high limit to see if it has blown.


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