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Whirlpool Oven Shutoff during Clean cycle. Now Oven won't turn on.


We have Whirlpool Oven Model#GR450LXHQ2 Electric Smoothtop Range. It has the Selfclean, ConvectionBake, Accusimmer & Keepwarm  features. It has worked fine without any problems. During selfclean it shutoff/unlocked by itself w/approx 7-9 min left in cycle. Upon opening the oven door there was heat-but not blazing hot. Tried to turn oven/broiler on;Control Module went thru its regular cycle of digital temp350 showing, hit start,click, timer starts to count down for preheat, everything looks good but when you open even door-NO HEAT. Chkd Oven Temp Sensor w/multi meter; 1049ohms. I reset Clock/system, chkd all Trblshttng tips per manual. Installed New Oven Heat Element(Had one on hand)Still NO HEAT. Other than on the Cntrl Mdul, I can't see any fuses, switches,ect.., I chkd the pwr feed wires from Cntrl Mdul to Broil & Oven Elements w/Multmtr & no elect pwr is registrd during preheat cycle, even though you can hear the Cntrl Mdul Clicking in/out. The Ovens cooktopburners still work, even with the Cntrl Mdul removed. I inspected Cntrl Mdul & can't see any visible burns, areas of defection or that may have failed from the inside & are showing up visible. PLEASE help me to confirm what I think it may be & how I can fix it reasonably. Thank U


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