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Fuel Stabilizer?

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Anyone use a fuel stabilizer in there lawn mower or snowblower before storing them away?

I never have, but thinking maybe I should.

Every year , spring: snowblower, winter : lawn mowers. Just about a tablespoon will do the trick.

How long have you been using fuel stabilizers? Seems I have only been hearing about them for the last few years.
Have fuel stabilizers been around for ever or what?

At least 8 years, seems to me when they had lead in the fuel, it lasted for ever, no the unleaded gas they use now does not last as long. I have a chipper that I started Sunday, 1st time in 3 yrs. fired right up. I guess if your storing for over a year, use the stabilizer.

Before the hurricane got my old outboard motor I would put some sta-bil in the tank and run some through the carbs while flushing the water pump before storing it over the winter months.


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