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ge GTH21KCXABB leaking water under crispers

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I went on a call today on this fridge. Complaint was water coming out front of fridge from under crispers. Its a basic freezer top so i assumed clogged or frozen drain line. Pulled the freezer apart and wasnt frozen. Checked the hole in back of fridge section where the water drains in and it wasnt clogged. I blew some air in and water splashed back at me. Then i remembered reading out the duckbill valve showing up on these.  I take off the back, and sure enough the goofy new drain fitting was  logged with slime.  Cleaned it out and all was well. 
What a crappy design.  Wonder how long it will be before they change it to another new and improved idea.
Glad i had read about those on here before. Just wish i would have remembered before i took the freezer and fridge sections apart.

I cut a V in center of duckbill for a better opening.

Thanks Schieven. You say you took the  back off? Was this duckbill in the ff section? Thanks. I ordered some of the new duckbills for wpl but wasn't aware of the ge issue until now.

I imagine he took the rear compressor room panel off to find a slimed duck bill. I scrub whirlpools with contact cleaner and bristle brush. Some teflon spray may work wonders after cleaning.

Took off The compressor panel. The duckbill in the middle, slightly hidden. It was slimed just like Domain said.


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