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Need recommendation for single wall oven

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I will be purchasing a single oven wall-oven unit. Looking at Electrolux, GE, kitchenaid. Does anyone have information about the best reliable and quality unit. Budget is up to $2500.


What width of wall oven are you needing and will you want a convection oven?

I am looking at a 30" unit that will be mounted under the counter top. Do I have to specifiy that I will be mounting it under the counter top.
There will not be a cook top above the oven as this will be a second oven.

Thanks for your help and I appreciate any info you can provide me to make my choice.


I don't know of one that is trouble free. As a professional servicer I tend to think about what happens if there is a problem. Can you find a servicer that can come soon? Are parts and information readily available? For me I would stick to GE, Electrolux, or one of the Whirlpool brands. There are some beautiful high end models but really don't all ovens kind of do the same thing. When you are shopping I would mention that it is going under the countertop.

I am leaning towards the Electrolux. Are self cleaning ovens better insulated than the none self clean. If so I would prefer the self clean unit for added protection of the electronics. But I do not intend to use the self clean as I feel that feature can cause many issues due to the high temp.


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